Harvey Weinstein Isn’t Ruling Out Rounders 2

Rounders 2 is a film that has been discussed for ages now. The original film, Rounders, was a fantastic movie but coming out in 1998 it was ahead of its time. Poker was nowhere near as big as it is now and the film didn’t do too well. Luckily for Miramax, the film picked up once it hit video and brought in some much needed additional revenue ($70 million to be exact).

THR reports that recently, Miramax along with The Weinstein Company released a list of titles that they would be interested in developing sequels for and Rounders was on that list. Harvey Weinstein recently discussed the film at the Produced By Conference and said “the video has gotten such awareness. I never make sequels but it’s something I’d like to revisit.”

Of course, the film would have to be a theatrical success since in this day and age, studios can’t afford to have films bombing at the box office. VOD and home video sales just aren’t what they used to be. But with the now well established fan base and the names Matt Damon and Ed Norton attached to it, I don’t think it would have any trouble doing well at the box office.

I loved Rounders and would be first in line to see a sequel. Norton and Damon have both said that they would be up for doing one and apparently the writers of the original, David Levien and Brian Koppelman, have been thinking of sequel ideas for a while now. Hopefully this will all come together because the original was really a great film and it deserves a sequel.

Did you enjoy Rounders? Would you like to see a sequel?