Hasbro Reaffirms Plans To Make New Power Rangers Movie


Lionsgate’s Power Rangers reboot didn’t make the desired box office splash back in 2017, but the franchise got another shot at life when Hasbro took over the brand from Saban last year and announced that they had something cooking with Paramount, who’d previously made the G.I. Joe and Transformers franchises with them. However, since then, there’s been no progress on the Mighty Morphin heroes’ return to theaters.

At the very least, though, the company has now reaffirmed their intention to make another Power Rangers movie. During an earning call with investors, Hasbro made clear that they still have every intention of bringing the property to the big screen again. That’s all that was said, though, so we still don’t know whether a new film would take the form of a sequel to the 2017 effort or reboot the team from scratch once again.

If you ask us, it’s probably most likely that we’re in for another reboot. For one, the franchise hasn’t only changed movie studios but it’s also changed the company that owns it, so both parties would no doubt want to put their own stamp on it. What’s more, the 2017 cast are a lot busier than they were back then and have all gone on to do bigger things. Dacre Montgomery’s in Netflix’s Stranger Things, Ludi Lun was in Aquaman and Naomi Scott is set to star in Disney’s Aladdin remake.

If this is the case, then it’s a bit of a shame, as the cast had a lot of chemistry. However, fans are used to getting to know new teams by now as the TV show has refreshed its line-up every other year or so for the past two and half decades. That being said, we’re hopeful that they’ll at least keep Bryan Cranston as Zordon, as that casting can’t be topped.

Tell us, what route would you want to see a new Power Rangers movie take? Morph on down to the comments section below and let us know your thoughts.

Source: Anime Mojo