Hawkeye’s Big Avengers: Endgame Scene Creates A Major MCU Plot Hole

Avengers Endgame Hawkeye

Avengers: Endgame has only been out in theaters for roughly a week but already, fans are picking it apart piece by piece, looking for any plot holes they can find. And though the film’s cast and crew have been doing their best to clear most of these up, there’s still one thing that no one’s been able to provide an answer to, and it concerns Hawkeye’s important moment on Vormir.

If you’ll recall, the MCU has always made a big deal out of the fact that only rare souls could hold an Infinity Stone in their hands. Red Skull tried it in Captain America: The First Avenger and was whisked away to Vormir for his troubles. The Collector’s servant Carina perished in Guardians of the Galaxy and Star-Lord and co. were only able to hold the Power Stone thanks to their combined spirits and Quill’s half-Celestial nature.

In Endgame, though, it seems that this rule has been forgotten about. To begin with, we see Hulk grasping the Time Stone. True, this is later explained as the reason why he’s the only person who can use the second Infinity Gauntlet, but you’d think it would still at least tickle him when he comes into contact with one of the stones.

More importantly, though, is that we also see Hawkeye holding the Soul Stone in his bare hands on Vormir. As proven by the aforementioned example of the Guardians, no mere mortal should be able to hold an Infinity Stone on their own, but Jeremy Renner’s hero seems perfectly fine here.

While you could argue that perhaps the Soul Stone works a bit different than the rest, and that maybe only some stones are unable to be held, it’s still hard not to feel that perhaps the filmmakers just overlooked an important aspect of MCU lore here and in the process, created a pretty big plot hole. Then again, we imagine that people won’t be too fussed over this.

After all, as the conclusion to 21 movies, it’d be astonishing if the Russo brothers were able to keep everything in line with Avengers: Endgame and not slip up on any of the continuity or lore. Any film of this nature is always going to have a few things that don’t add up here and there but thankfully, on the whole, the MCU’s latest release is an incredible achievement that deserves to be praised for putting the perfect bow on what’s been an incredible era of Marvel movies.