Hawkeye’s Getting Some New Gadgets In Avengers: Infinity War


Perhaps it’s the mooted transition to Ronin, or the fact that he’s one of the most woefully underused characters in the entire MCU, but Clint Barton (AKA the sharp-shooting Hawkeye) has become something of a cult hero as we approach Avengers: Infinity War.

He’s been relegated to the sidelines ever since the credits rolled on Captain America: Civil War, but thanks to the back-to-back release of Avengers 3 and 4 – two films that are seemingly more different than we’ve been led to believe – Hawkeye looks set to make up for lost time. Not only will he apparently be on his own journey (which could have to do with the Soul Stone), but he’s also set to get a bit of an upgrade, along with many of his fellow Avengers.

Speaking to members of the press during a recent Infinity War set visit, prop master Russell Bobbitt revealed the following about what’s in store for Mr. Clint Barton.

“Hawkeye is getting a lot of cool new stuff. We’re developing a lot of interesting stuff for him. All in the, sort of, bow related but some new gadgets he has in addition to the bow. [Hawkeye] is totally there and a part of the world!

While it’s disappointing that we still haven’t had an official look at Hawkeye yet, it’s great to hear that there are some exciting new upgrades on the way for him. Besides, we wouldn’t be too concerned about the studio leaving him out of the marketing campaign. It’s almost definitely because of spoilers and not because he doesn’t have a big role in the pic. After all, Renner recently told us that the film will do “wondrous things” with the character.

What exactly that means, we don’t know, but we don’t have long left before we see Barton and the rest of the gang back on the big screen, as the Avengers will assemble to take down the Mad Titan once and for all on April 27th, when Infinity War storms into theaters.