First Official Photo Of Hawkeye’s New Look In Avengers: Infinity War


Oh Hawkeye, Hawkeye, Hawkeye… It’s got to be rough being ‘the bow and arrow guy’ on a team that consists of a billionaire in a robot suit, a World War II super soldier, a giant green gamma-infused monster and the actual God of Thunder, but there’s no call to get a stupid trendy haircut to stand out. This is classic midlife crisis behaviour, right up there with randomly buying a red convertible or cheating on your wife with a much younger woman.

This frankly embarrassing new look comes courtesy of Vanity Fair’s Avengers: Infinity War spread – which showcases most of the film’s characters on a rather dull white background. We find Hawkeye crouching down behind Doctor Strange and giving the camera a slightly embarrassed look, as if deep down he knows that this new appearance is a teeny-weeny bit try-hard.

This is the kind of haircut that makes you want to find a quiet side room in Avengers HQ, take him in there and say “Look Clint, you’re a nice guy and a key member of the team. However, you’re 46. You have a wife and kids. You simply cannot walk around with a damn mohawk. You look like you’re auditioning to be the bassist in a Green Day tribute band.”

Kidding aside for a moment, this new look is almost certainly something to do with Clint’s donning of the Ronin identity, with rumors suggesting that the character is to suffer some kind of undisclosed personal tragedy (uh, might want to keep an eye on the old homestead there Hawkeye). I really hope it looks better in the actual film though, because if this really is the appearance they’re going for, then I fear some aspects of his misery are going to fall a bit flat.

One way or another, we’ll know for sure when we finally see the Avengers: Infinity War trailer, which could be here as soon as December 3rd.