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Hayden Christensen didn’t speak to George Lucas about his ‘Star Wars’ return

The prodigal son hasn't been in touch with the old man.

Anakin aka Darth Vader fighting Ahsoka
Screengrab via Disney Plus/Lucasfilm

Since Hayden Christensen owes everything he knows about Anakin Skywalker to George Lucas and has essentially explored the protagonist in the prequel trilogy through the Star Wars creator, it’s very surprising to hear that he hasn’t been in touch with him to discuss the return of Darth Vader.

In a chat with Total Film, Christensen revealed that he hasn’t talked to Lucas recently. When asked to explain the reason behind that strange factoid, here’s what the returning Obi-Wan Kenobi star had to say on the matter.

“I really felt like this was Deborah Chow’s story, and I really just wanted to follow her lead on this one. I think what she’s done here is just incredibly exciting.”

Deborah Chow has directed all six episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobi, so it makes sense to say that, in a way, the story will reflect her singular vision in more ways than one.

Not being in touch with Lucas doesn’t mean the actor hasn’t done his homework, though. Indeed, as Christensen further explained in the same interview, he’s explored the character’s history outside of live-action to a large extent.

“They did a lot with these characters in that show – Clone Wars and Rebels. And it’s just useful information to have. So I went back, and I watched all that stuff, I read some of the comics, and I just tried to immerse myself as much as I could.”

Christensen has been away from Anakin for more than 15 years, but he claims to have had no trouble immediately getting back into character.

“It came back very naturally for me. It was a good four to five years of my life, and so I know him very well. And it’s a character that’s stayed with me over the years, too, and one that I’ve continued to think about.”

Only two days separate us from Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney Plus. I don’t know about you, but after waiting years for this occasion, May 27 can’t possibly come soon enough.

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