Hayden Christensen Is In Over His Head In New Trailer For Crime Thriller American Heist


Voltage Pictures has released the international trailer for American Heist, which is a cliché wrapped in a stereotype inside a generic slice of convention.

Bundling together every known trope of the action thriller genre, the footage follows Hayden Christensen and Adrien Brody, two bickering brothers who find themselves united by a common goal: that one last job. With Brody’s Frankie fresh out of prison after serving a ten-year sentence, the only person he can truly depend on is James (Christensen), who is struggling to get his life together with his girlfriend, played here by Fast Five‘s Jordana Brewster.

American Heist initially debuted during the Toronto Film Festival and is directed by Sarik Andreasyan. From the trailer, we’ve tapered our own expectations for the crime drama, but hey, we’ll leave the ultimate verdict to you.

American Heist doesn’t have a release date at this time, but we expect the thriller to make its bow in 2015. Until then, you can glimpse two of the film’s posters in the gallery below.

James (Hayden Christensen) has a checkered past, but he’s trying to put his life on the straight and narrow. He has a decent job in an auto shop, plans to start his own business, and there’s even the promise of love on the horizon. But one day, before his dream can become a reality, he opens his front door to find his older brother Frankie (Adrien Brody), recently released from a ten-year stretch in prison. Frankie has some money-making strategies of his own, and he needs James to help him one last time — in a spectacularly elaborate bank heist. Even though it’s Frankie’s influence that James is trying to escape, he finds himself drawn into the unsavoury plan due to a combination of guilt, greed, and misguided brotherly devotion.