Hayley Atwell Will Reportedly Return To The MCU For Doctor Strange 2

Agent Carter

Marvel’s incoming animated series Marvel’s What If…? might be an anthology that will explore other realities, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely standalone and won’t have any ties to the rest of the unfolding Phase 4. According to a new report, one major MCU star who’s playing an alternate take on their iconic character in What If…? will be reprising this same role in next March’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The star in question is Hayley Atwell, with Giant Freakin Robot claiming that the Agent Carter actress will be back in Doctor Strange 2 as Captain Carter, the version of Peggy she’ll be voicing in What If?. The first episode of the show will check in on a timeline where Steve Rogers didn’t take the super-soldier serum but Peggy did instead. According to GFR, this alt-Peggy will be making the jump to live-action in Sam Raimi’s sequel movie.

The outlet notes that they can’t say how much screentime she’ll have in the film, but they can say that she will have an important role that will likely be set up by her What If…? episode. And it’s possible that the recent first teaser for the series already told us how that might happen. The trailer saw Captain Carter battling some tentacled alien monstrosity, which fans quickly deduced must be Shuma-Gorath, an extradimensional evil who Stephen Strange has battled many times in the comics.

This has led to speculation that Shuma-Gorath, also known as Lord of Chaos, could be the big bad of Doctor Strange 2 and not Nightmare, as we have long assumed. If Captain Carter has fought him in her own reality, then that would provide the perfect connection from her What If…? episode to the movie. Who knows, if she crosses over into the main universe, Hayley Atwell could stick around the franchise as Captain Carter full-time.

But, first things first, Marvel’s What If…? premieres Wednesday, August 11th on Disney Plus.