HBO Max Is Losing Many Horror Favorites Right Before Halloween

It’s probably clear by now that we’re pretty big Halloween fans here. Spooky season for us starts earlier than it does for most, and we’re always keeping up with the latest films and tv series that pack a great scare. One of the most incredible things about this time of year is the influx of scary movies on tv networks and streaming platforms.

There’s Netflix and Chills, Hallowstream, and Huluween, to name a few, and fans are already setting up watch schedules alongside spooktacular food and drink items for friends and family. If there’s ever a time to have a themed night in with your friends, it’s Halloween.

While most streaming services are releasing those Halloween-centric lineups, HBO Max is sadly losing some horror favorites. New titles join streaming platforms every month which means some have to fall off as well; it’s just a shame that so many Halloween classics are leaving right before the spine-chilling night.

As initially reported, fan favorites are leaving the streaming service before the holiday; so you may want to cram in as many of them as you can before they’re gone. Films like the first 3 Scream Movies, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Craft, and more are leaving the platform. I mean, how can we celebrate Halloween without this iconic quote?

Luckily, some of the titles leaving HBO Max should pop up on other streaming services/network Halloween watch-a-thons; and if not, you can always check your on-demand services, too.

What scary movies are a must-watch for you during Halloween? Let us know.