HBO Max Will Launch With Every DC Movie From The Past Decade


While there will always be those of us who value owning physical copies of our favorite movies, there’s no denying the rising popularity of streaming services. After all, these digital platforms have rendered video stores nearly extinct, and provide a quick, convenient way for consumers to digest entertainment.

That being said, binge-watching superhero movies is probably something placed on the agenda of most people at some point, what with the genre being so huge nowadays. Knowing this, the folks getting ready to roll out HBO Max have made it a point to have a host of DC Comics-based movies at the ready once the service launches next year.

With Joker now becoming the highest grossing R-rated film of all time, it’s no wonder that flick led the pack when the announcement came down today. Not only that, but IGN reports a wide variety of DC movies from eras past and modern will be included. This means you’ll get to enjoy anything from Superman: The Movie to Batman Returns to Suicide Squad in one fell swoop.

Now, it’s worth mentioning how Collider points out that every DC film will be thrown in for good measure, but we’ll just have to wait and see if HBO thought it was worth the effort to round up duds like Supergirl, Catwoman, Steel and Jonah Hex.

Getting back to the good stuff, let’s reiterate that every Superman and Batman movie will indeed be part of the package, so that means you’ll get to reacquaint yourself with pictures like Man of Steel, Superman Returns, Batman ’89 and The Dark Knight trilogy. Heck, you can even revisit Superman IV: The Quest for Peace if you’re in the mood for a laugh. Additionally, modern favorites like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman and Aquaman will stand alongside those.

In case you were wondering, you’ll be able to stream Joker and the rest of these titles on HBO Max beginning in May of 2020.