Head To The Amazon With The Full Trailer For Rio 2


A film might be almost a year away, but that’s never stopped Hollywood from rolling out trailers. Next up is the sequel to Rio, brilliantly titled Rio 2, starring Jesse Eisenberg and Anna Hathaway as the voices of two Blue Macaws who decide to take their family to the Amazon in order to rediscover their roots. The first full-length theatrical trailer for Rio 2 has hit today, and it looks to be a fairly entertaining slice of family fun.

Eisenberg and Hathaway reprise their roles from the first film as Blu and Jewel, the happy Macaws living in the titular capital city. Now saddled with three adorable chicks, the nuclear family decides that it’s time to strike out to parts once known and introduce their children to all the excitement of the wild. They head to the Amazon where they meet a number of new friends, including a whole bunch of Blue Macaws, voiced by the likes of Rita Moreno, Bruno Mars and Kristin Chenoweth. They also meet Jewel’s father (Andy Garcia), who does not have warm and fuzzy feelings towards his son-in-law. Honestly, you’re shocking me.

The trailer gives us the basic plot, but doesn’t clarify what the apparent villain (Jemaine Clement) is up to. Rio 2 looks like it could be good fun, with plenty of dance-worthy music and celebrity cameos. The cast list is long too, with Jamie Foxx, Tracy Morgan, George Lopez, Tracy Morgan and will.i.am all reprising their roles from Rio.

Rio 2 is not ground-breaking animation or storytelling by any means, but then again, not everything can be Pixar. This should be about as enjoyable as any other family film hitting theatres next year, I hope.

You can watch the full-length trailer for Rio 2 below and let us know what you think about it in the comments. Does it look like fun?

Rio 2 flies into theatres on April 11th, 2014.