Hellboy To Make His Wrestling Debut Next Month

hellboy1 (1)

In news straight out of, well, Japan, it’s been announced that Hellboy will be leaping from the Hollywood ropes right into the wrestling ring early next month. There’s one sentence you probably never expected to read.

Taken from the All Japan Pro Wrestling Twitter feed, here’s the full announcement:

Being a fan of the original Hellboy movies, I personally found the reboot hard to finish. By hard to finish, I mean still haven’t. I’m a huge fan of Chief Hopper himself, David Harbour, but something just didn’t click. Recently, Harbour confirmed that he won’t be appearing in any sequels, so it seems the film didn’t click with the masses, either. The wrestling scene was pretty badass, though, and apparently, the guys at All Japan agree with that.

There’ve been plenty of wrestlers-turned-actors over the years, but Hellboy won’t be the first big screen star to jump into the ring. As the guys over at EpicStream point out, Leatherface has wrestled in Japan in the past, and even RoboCop has made an appearance in the WCW ring. Capital Combat: Return of RoboCop was a one-time pay-per-view event promoting the sequel. Officer Alex Murphy even came out and saved Sting from the Four Horseman, and it was glorious.

I’m not sure if anyone will recognize these names, but the tweet lets us know that Hellboy will team up with Jake Lee and Koji Iwamoto. They’ll face off against Takao Omori, Black Menso~Re and Hokuto Omori. And no, I won’t even try to repeat any of that. Unless you live in Japan, you’ll probably have to wait until the YouTube version of the match comes out to see who emerges victorious.

As for the Hellboy remake, it’s now available to rent or buy on all formats. If you prefer the original version though, it’ll be available in 4K later this fall.