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Hellish Concept Art For Blade Imagines Jamie Foxx As The Famed Vampire Hunter

BossLogic is at it again. This time, the talented artist has rendered a new piece that imagines Baby Driver's Jamie Foxx as the vampire hunter Blade.

Not one to rest on his laurels, renown concept artist BossLogic has followed up his striking Captain Britain piece with a new one-sheet that imagines Jamie Foxx (Baby Driver) as Blade, the fan-favorite vampire hunter who has become a point of fixation among Marvel fans ever since the film rights reverted back to the studio – along with Frank Castle/The Punisher – all the way back in 2011.

Six years later, and comic book fans remain hopeful that the Daywalker known as Eric Brooks can one day stage a comeback, possibly carving out his own place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the process – as an R-rated feature, perhaps? That’s a proposition that has been presented to head honcho Kevin Feige multiple times in the past – albeit without the R rating – and the producer has consistently stressed that a live-action Blade reboot isn’t off the table.

In fact, earlier this week the studio head went on record once more to declare that Blade “is a legacy character now, and I think it would be fun to do something with him one day.” Exactly when that day will come is anyone’s guess, but in order to strike while the iron is piping hot, BossLogic has published a hellish piece that places Jamie Foxx in the lead role – replete with tribal tattoos, shades, and a badass katana.

There’s “nothing imminent,” according to Kevin Feige, but it’s hard to argue against BossLogic’s decision to go ahead and cast Jamie Foxx as the legendary vampire hunter. Especially after seeing how awesome he’d look in the role.

Sleepless aside, the likes of Django Unchained, Annie, and Ray are living proof of Foxx’s dynamic range, and after taking a crack at Electro in Marc Webb’s forgettable Amazing Spider-Man 2, we’d love to see the actor have another chance to shine in Hollywood’s bustling superhero genre. Marvel, are you listening?

Tell us, what are your thoughts on this piece of Blade concept art? Indeed, do you consider Jamie Foxx to be a good fit to play Eric Brooks? Let us know your thoughts and predictions in the usual place.

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