New Intel On Hellraiser: Judgment’s Post-Credits Scene Slithers Online


Spoilers to follow…

Love them or loathe them, post-credits scenes are here to stay.

They’re not exclusive to superhero movies, either, as evidenced by the release of Hellraiser: Judgment, Gary J. Tunnicliffe’s somewhat disappointing sequel that serves as the 10th installment in the cult horror series.

It’s a twisting and at-times repulsive labyrinth of religious symbolism and otherworldly beings known as Cenobites, who torture human souls under the command of Pinhead. He’s the fiercely intelligent ruler who dolls out punishment like it’s going out of fashion, and thanks to the folks over at Bloody Disgusting, we now know that Judgment‘s after-credits stinger alludes to Pinhead’s right-hand man, The Auditor (Tunnicliffe).

And so, once Hellraiser: Judgment sentences Pinhead to a fate worse than death (spoilers: in a poetic twist of fate, he must live out the remainder of his life in our realm as a cripplingly average human being), Gary J. Tunnicliffe’s horror flick pays a visit to the Auditor in Germany, who has seemingly established a horror house of his own.

Via Bloody Disgusting:

In the scene, we catch up with The Auditor in Germany, where he’s found a new house to use as his hellish home base. Two young men on bicycles ride up to the house and knock on the door, humorously looking to spread the word of God. The Auditor lets them in… and we can probably make a pretty good guess about what happens from there.

Perhaps the Auditor’s efforts will lay the groundwork for Pinhead’s return? Only time will tell, as it’s currently unclear if Gary J. Tunnicliffe plans to get the gang back together for another Hellraiser sequel.