Henry Cavill Explains What He Wants To See In Man Of Steel 2

man of steel

Even though Henry Cavill did technically play Superman in three different films, I remain among those who lament how he never truly got to explore the timeless icon to his full potential. After all, his second and third go-rounds came in the form of team-up flicks, so we’ve yet to see Big Blue’s answer to The Dark Knight, so to speak.

For all the back-and-forth that’s occurred lately, nobody outside of Warner Bros. seems to actually know whether or not Cavill is still the Man of Steel at the studio. According to recent reports, the actor himself says he still is, yet there’s nothing set in stone for the character’s cinematic future.

Speculation aside, it’s worth noting that Twitter user Roger Roecken ran into Cavill at San Diego Comic-Con, and even got to speak to the man himself about Superman. In Roecken’s own words, here’s what Henry told him this past weekend:

“He said he still wants to play Superman. Wants a sequel to Man of Steel. Wants to explore how it effects someone with absolute power, so many stories to tell what makes him tick.”

Since this quote didn’t come by way of a media outlet, it’ll have to be regarded as rumor, but it does sound entirely believable. And as far as exploring the temptation of “absolute power,” it could make for an intriguing viewing experience – as long as Cavill’s Kal-El doesn’t go off the deep end like his Injustice counterpart.

Either way, the next year-and-a-half will prove to be a wild ride for Superman fans. In case you hadn’t heard, both Tyler Hoechlin and Brandon Routh will suit up for The CW’s upcoming “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event, with the later portraying the Kingdom Come iteration. Then, in 2020, we’ll receive two animated films, those being Superman: Red Son and Superman: Man of Tomorrow. Sounds pretty exciting to me.