Henry Cavill Gets Classic Superman Curl In Awesome Fan-Made Edit


Henry Cavill’s Superman infamously began as a much more somber take on the Man of Steel. However, by the time of his resurrection in Justice League, he’d been retooled as a character more in line with the version of Supes that DC fans have in their heads. That said, he’s still never really sported the classic ‘S’ hair curl that was once a fixture of the hero’s look.

If you’ve always wanted to see what Cavill’s Superman would appear like with the hair-lick though, you’re in luck. An awesome fan edit of a Man of Steel promo photo has surfaced this week and it brightens up the darker colors of his suit and puts things right by giving the actor the Christopher Reeve curl.

Much like the classic red trunks, Superman’s curl hasn’t been in fashion for a while now, with the last screen adaptation of the character to sport it being Brandon Routh in 2006’s Superman Returns. Even Supergirl‘s version, which was deliberately traditional in its depiction of the Big Blue Boy Scout, doesn’t. If you’ll recall, Tyler Hoechlin had his hair swept back much like Cavill does in the movies.

As Cavill suits the curl so well, though, this fan edit reminds us just how perfect the British actor is in the role of the Last Son of Krypton. It’s not hard to see why Zack Snyder picked him and as we’ve heard in the past, Cavill even tested for the part by donning the old Richard Donner era suit, as seen in these recently uncovered shots from behind the scenes.

Like we said above, seeing as the trajectory of the character has made him more of a traditional Superman, it might not be out of the question for the curl to appear in a movie in the near future. If Henry Cavill really is set for a cameo in Shazam!, as is rumored, it could even show up as soon as 2019. Fingers crossed, eh?