Henry Cavill And Dwayne Johnson Met Up To Discuss Superman And Black Adam


There’s nothing particularly exciting about two friends sharing a drink over the holiday season, right? It’s a fairly common occurrence and something that shouldn’t turn too many heads. Except, these aren’t just any two friends. This is Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavill we’re talking about, and given that they’re both involved in the DCEU, the speculation train has already begun rolling full steam ahead.

Over the weekend, Cavill posted the photo you see above on his Instagram page, accompanied by some interesting hashtags: #DangerousGentlemen, #DCWorldsCollide and #Superman. While they could mean nothing, let’s face it, they don’t. The actor is obviously teasing a future big screen meeting between his Man of Steel and Johnson’s Black Adam, who will make his DC debut in the upcoming Shazam! Or will he?


Fans have now begun speculating that Johnson may show up even earlier than that, with some people thinking that he may have a small cameo in Justice League. We’d say that’s highly unlikely, but you never know. There’s no doubt that the two characters will eventually cross paths, we’re just not sure when it’ll happen. Man of Steel 2 (if it’s ever formally announced) seems probable though, or perhaps Supes will cameo in Shazam! Time will tell, but this photo’s certainly got us excited.

Of course, if both Wonder Woman and Justice League bomb next year, the DCEU may not even be around long enough for Johnson to make an appearance. Things have gotten off to an awfully rocky start and Warner Bros. can only put out so many duds before they need to call it quits, right? Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that point though, as right now we’re still hopeful that they can turn things around.

While we wait to hear more on how Supes and Black Adam might eventually meet, feel free to whet your appetite by checking out the awesome fan-made trailer for Man of Steel 2 below. It doesn’t feature Dwayne Johnson unfortunately, but it does paint a pretty good picture of what the sequel could look like.