Henry Cavill Already Has Some Ideas For Man Of Steel 2


With the DC Extended Universe currently being in a state of repair, there are many fans – myself included – who are holding out hope that Man of Steel 2 will one day come to fruition. Yes, Superman has appeared in two team-up flicks since his last solo film hit theaters in 2013, but Henry Cavill is more than deserving of a proper followup. In other words, it’s time that he receive The Dark Knight to his Batman Begins, if you catch my drift.

Thankfully, there’s another person out there who’s in the same boat, that being Cavill himself. In fact, he’s understandably hoping to once again play Big Blue sooner rather than later. For his sake, let’s keep our fingers crossed that the studio doesn’t let the property collect dust for much longer.

Chatting with the AP recently, the actor who looks like he stepped right out of the comic book revealed that he already has dreams of what a sequel can achieve, offering up the following:

“I would love to make a Man of Steel 2. It all depends on everyone getting their ducks in a row and the right storytellers being attached. I have a lot of ideas. I’ve had a lot of discussions with people about certain things and in an ideal world, yeah.”

Man of Steel 2

As of now, what those ideas may be remain a mystery, but Cavill has been known to profess his love for the Rebirth comics of late. In fact, I’ve seen him posting his haul on various occasions on social media, which often include recent issues of Superman and Action Comics. Being someone who keeps up with both titles, I can say that either would provide for some fine inspiration.

Of course, Jesse Eisenberg is also keen on reprising his role of Lex Luthor in a potential Man of Steel 2, but it’s long overdue that Hollywood mine the source material for villains other than Lex and Zod. Personally, I’d love to see Brainiac on the silver screen, but unfortunately, I’m not the one writing the screenplays.

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