Henry Cavill Says Justice League Introduced The True Superman


While we could go back and forth regarding what the Justice League movie did right and what it did wrong – because there was a generous share of both – it’s my belief that Superman had been depicted rather well. Aside from that incredible scene that saw a freshly resurrected and confused Man of Tomorrow single-handedly take down some of DC’s heaviest hitters, we saw the character convey a sense of optimism that he’s been known for across all forms of media – but something many complained was absent from the iteration occupying the DC Extended Universe.

Actually, it’s quite apparent that Kal-El’s been enduring an arc that’s developed him into the familiar version we’d normally expect. Starting with Man of Steel, continuing into Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and ending with Justice League, actor Henry Cavill is more than happy to point out the obvious in an interview included on the movie’s digital release:

“In my opinion, this is the first time we see Superman in truth. We have seen the origin story of Superman. We have seen the downfall and doubt of Superman. And finally with this rebirth, we see the true Superman. The Superman who is confident and sure, and full of hope and joy.”

Now, I’d say what can be read above is pretty straightforward, but that’s somehow been interpreted by some as saying only Zack Snyder’s elusive cut of Justice League contained the “true” Superman, and I defy anyone to explain how those dots could be connected.

Okay, maybe these words were recorded before Joss Whedon took the wheel, but that didn’t change the trajectory the character had already been on and where he eventually ended up. Sure, Whedon’s footage featuring Cavill’s poorly removed mustache probably played out remarkably different from that of what Snyder filmed, but the end result – at least for Big Blue – was pretty much the same. Therefore, it’s doubtful that any shots have been fired here.

Justice League is now available digitally, with Blu-ray and DVD releases coming on March 13 (pre-order here).

Source: Screen Rant