Had Henry Cavill Known About Justice League’s Reshoots, He’d Have Chosen A Different Look


About a year ago at this time, word began circulating that massive reshoots on Justice League were well underway, a story which many devout fanboys said was concocted by us in the evil media. Then, once the movie finally arrived, it became apparent to all that pretty much everything making it into the final product had been shot by Joss Whedon, barring the main action pieces. As such, demand for the Zack Snyder cut remains a hot topic online.

Similarly, we as writers were scoffed at when reporting that a mustache grown by Henry Cavill for his gig on Mission: Impossible – Fallout would have to be digitally removed in post-production. But, lo and behold, Superman’s poorly concealed pushbroom stuck out like a sore thumb during the movie’s opening seconds.

Since then, this controversy has been dubbed “Mustache-gate,” a tag I hate because that suffix is so overused these days. Well, that and how a percentage of people polled probably couldn’t even tell you what Watergate was. But I digress…

Though if anyone winces whenever watching Justice League, it’s probably Henry Cavill himself. Really, imagine how you’d feel if placed in his situation. Not surprisingly, he had this to say in a recent interview:

“Had I known the Justice League reshoots were coming I’d have probably made a different choice.”

Having read that, I’m guessing he would’ve shown up to work with Tom Cruise clean shaven in the first place. But once he purged himself of the now infamous cookie duster, Henry couldn’t catch a breath in public, so it was a double-edged sword of sorts:

“I was in America for, I think, three hours, and I had been asked for eight photographs. When I sat down in a restaurant I was like, ‘Wow, I forgot what it was like.'”

While the Justice League star may enjoy his personal space like anyone else, I’m sure Cavill knows full well what it means for people to have their picture taken with Superman. After all, it comes with the territory.