New Report Says Henry Cavill’s Superman Decision Isn’t Final


Is there a lifeline for Henry Cavill’s Superman?

A new report from Revenge of the Fans has cut through the white noise and conflicting news to zero in on the facts – Cavill is ostensibly finished with the Man of Steel and has instead chosen to pursue The Witcher at Netflix, leaving Warner Bros. to focus intently on its Supergirl origin movie.

The official statement from WB is filled with PR speak and therefore not very insightful, as it’s more concerned with the working relationship between Cavill and the studio than it is with the current state of Superman. But one source has allegedly turned in an update via ROTF, stating:

There’s a lot of stuff spinning around. It’s not a final decision. Someone spoke too soon in these negotiations. Something happened last night is what I’m hearing.

If it isn’t a final decision, then perhaps there’s still hope for Henry Cavill to reprise as Superman further down the road? The issues mentioned in THR’s scoop were largely down to scheduling conflicts between actor and studio, so here’s hoping the two parties have a chance to clear things up at some point in the future.

And if you’ve just caught on to the news that Henry Cavill is out as Superman, we should warn you that talks between the actor and Warner Bros. reportedly broke down earlier this year when the latter wanted to carve out room for a Superman cameo in Shazam!

The plan now is to focus on the standalone Supergirl movie in the works from screenwriter Oren Uziel – presumably at the expense of Man of Steel 2, given the next solo Superman film isn’t expected to materialize for at least several years…