Henry Cavill Seems To Be Dodging Questions About Superman

Henry Cavill in Man of Steel

Though Henry Cavill hasn’t played the part of Superman since 2017’s Justice League, the character undoubtedly remains the actor’s most famous role, and the team at GQ Germany seems well aware of this, presenting the headline “Superman! Henry Cavill” in big bold lettering on the cover of their latest issue.

It therefore may come as a surprise to hear that the interview enclosed within these pages contains no mention of Cavill’s run in the DCEU, covering everything from the actor’s mustache in Mission: Impossible – Fallout to the time he almost landed the part of James Bond in Casino Royale yet somehow avoiding the biggest role of his career. And given the recent murmurings around Cavill’s Superman, it doesn’t seem too unreasonable that some fans are reading into this silence on the subject as potentially revealing.

Cosmic Book News, for instance, has suggested that Cavill’s PR team put the topic of Superman off limits for the interview, which sounds about right seeing how GQ apparently thought the subject was appealing enough to mention on the front cover. What exactly this says about the current situation between Cavill and Warner Bros. is unclear, but at the very least, we can perhaps assume that there are still some issues to be resolved around the superhero.

As you may recall, last year saw multiple reports come out alleging that Cavill was done playing Superman. Many of us were practically taking the actor’s departure as a given until Aquaman star Jason Momoa tackled the hearsay head-on last December, telling Entertainment Tonight that Cavill is “absolutely not” finished with the franchise and that he “loves the character.” From the look of things, Cavill himself may not be ready to share his own thoughts on the situation, but here’s hoping we’ll get some clarification soon enough.