Henry Cavill Will Topline Action-Thriller Stratton


Though his multi-picture deal with Warner Bros., which has him suiting up to play the Man of Steel himself in at least 2016’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and 2017’s Justice League, should keep him very busy for the foreseeable future, British thesp Henry Cavill is finding time to step into another action hero role for the upcoming Stratton.

In a pre-American Film Market deal, the star will play a British spy named John Stratton. The pic, based on the novel series by Duncan Falconer, may launch a franchise for Promethean Productions, Amber Entertainment and GFM Films. Promethean was created by Cavill and his brother Charlie along with producer Rex Glensy, which partly explains the actor’s willingness to take on yet another action hero role after years of starring in comparable fare like The Cold Light of Day and Immortals.

“Having the opportunity to expand my horizons into filmmaking is incredibly exciting. Getting to work so closely with my brother in this venture is equally so,” said Cavill.

Filming on Stratton will begin in the spring. The production is expected to take place in set in southern Italy, Rome and London. Here’s the synopsis for the first book in Falconer’s series, titled The Hunter, to give you a better idea of what to expect from Stratton:

When an undercover operation monitoring the Real IRA goes horrifically wrong, British Intelligence turn to the one man who can get their agent out: Stratton, SBS operative with a lethal reputation. It’s a dangerous race against time: if the Real IRA get to the Republic before Stratton gets to the Real IRA, his colleague is as good as dead.

But the battle in the Northern Ireland borders is just the beginning. For there can only be one way the Real IRA knew about the British agent: someone within MI5 is tipping them off. A surveillance mission is mounted in Paris to identify the mole but ends in disaster: Hank Munro, US Navy SEAL on secondment, is captured.

Source: Variety