Henry Cavill’s future as Superman might not be so clear-cut after all

henry cavill superman
via Warner Bros.

Henry Cavill earlier this year finally gave DC fans the news they’d all been waiting for that he would be back as Superman. Well, it seems that this development isn’t so clear-cut as a new report reveals the future of the caped crusader may still be up in the air.

In The Hollywood Reporter’s new deep dive into the plans of the DCU, it says that Gunn and Safran’s plans are still in flux and that it could spell the end of all of the Snydeverse characters — including Superman.

After his cameo appearance in Black Adam, Cavill took to social media to announce his return to the DCU, and, while this would seem to have been true at the time, plans may have changed.

The report explains plans for Man of Steel 2 were in motion at the time of Cavill’s announcement and claims that Warner Bros. leadership was hoping to have another spin at Justice League with the same heroes back again.

Before fans start to panic, this doesn’t mean that, as of right now, Man of Steel 2 is done, however, it would spell warning signs that it’s also not a sure thing. Looking at the other Synderverse characters, it does seem that Wonder Woman might be done given the cancellation of Wonder Woman 3.

Even if we don’t see Cavill in his own standalone film again the report does say that the star could show up in The Flash so we might not have seen the last of this iconic character either way.