Henry Selick’s Studio Prepping Animated Horror Film For Kids

Henry Selick is a like a god in the stop-motion animation field. As the director of some dark children’s cult classics like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline, the news that Selick’s studio is prepping a new scary stop-motion animated film has some fans jumping up and down. Ok, I’m jumping up and down.

Henry Selick’s recently opened animation studio started as Cinderbiter Productions but has recently changed its name to Shademaker Productions (which is, coincidentally, the name of the scary children‘s film they will be making). Though little is known about the upcoming Shademaker, /Film reported that Selick’s new studio is actively acquiring talent.

Based on an excerpt from a recent recruitment post from Shademaker Productions, fans can rejoice as it looks like this new production will have animation heavy-weight Lou Romano already on board. Romano is a talented voice actor and art director, and he’s worked on the animated films Ratatouille, Cars and Up. The mission statement/recruitment post said also said that Selick’s animation studio is “a new stop-motion company whose mandate is to make great, scary films for young ‘uns with a small, tight-knit crew who watch each other’s backs.”

I, for one, like it. I can’t wait for more dark, eerie animation geared at the young (and the young at heart). And as Shademaker Productions is apparently working with Disney, perhaps a new trend is on the horizon for princess-centric Disney? Nothing is known about the storyline of Shademaker at this point, but keep watching here for updates.