Hercules And Ares Are Reportedly Coming To The MCU Very Soon


Marvel fans received some big news this week, as Russell Crowe surprisingly revealed who he’s playing in Thor: Love and Thunder – he’s Zeus, ruler of the Olympians, the race of immortals who inspired the Greek Gods of legend. Zeus appearing in the movie is a big deal, as it suggests that the MCU will soon be exploring this corner of the mythos. And sure enough, a report is pointing to other Olympians being on their way to the franchise, too.

The DisInsider has noted that Spanish site Cineverso has shared that an insider source at Marvel told them the studio has intentions to introduce Hercules, Ares and Zeus into the MCU very soon, with Herc in particular being a priority. This report gains a lot of weight when you consider that it was posted a day before Crowe confirmed he was portraying Zeus in Love and Thunder. So, maybe we can trust this intel and should prepare ourselves for Hercules and Ares’ debuts.


In the comics, the duo are both sons of Zeus and have a similar rivalry to Thor and Loki. Hercules is a long-time hero and Avenger and ally of the God Thunder’s, though they’re known to have fought on occasion. Ares, meanwhile, was originally a villain but has grown into more of an antihero in recent times. This might be the way to go in the MCU, too, in order to differentiate him from DC’s version.

As for where these two could appear first, Eternals is a strong contender as the Olympians have long ties to the titular group in Marvel lore. Obviously, there’s a good chance that they could show up alongside their father in Thor: Love and Thunder, too. After all, Christian Bale is playing Gorr the God Butcher in the movie, so it makes sense that a range of cosmic deities would feature. Wherever they appear, it seems we should expect more gods in the MCU.