Here are all the Betty White movies and shows available to stream right now

Golden Girls

When Betty White graced a set with her presence, magic soon followed. Her charm, charisma, humor, and grace were unmatched, and she brought so much joy and light to a room. White was many things, one being a comedic genius, and she never missed an opportunity to make those around her laugh.

Laughter, optimism, and avoiding greens were some of White’s keys to living a whole and long life — and thanks to her, we’ve got laughter covered. White’s incredible sense of humor brought smiles to audiences around the world, and while her physical presence will be missed, we can look back at her filmography and find so many reasons to smile.

White is in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the longest television career of any female entertainer, spanning eight decades, which means she left us with an excellent catalog of film and television to look back upon. While it’s impossible to list every show and movie made more delightful by White, we picked some of our favorites, and we’re letting you know where you can find them!

The Proposal – Amazon Prime Video

The Proposal is one of our favorite romantic comedies, and Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, and Betty White are the perfect fit for this film. White plays Grandma Annie to Reynolds’ Andrew. Andrew works for Bullock’s Margaret Tate, and she is a workaholic with a control problem. When she finds out that life as she knows it is moments away from falling out from under her feet, she comes up with a plan. She’ll get married — the only concern is — she’s not in a relationship. This is where Andrew comes in. When the two end up flying to meet Andrew’s family, including sweet Grandma Annie, neither could have seen what was coming their way.

White’s shining moment — The scene in the forest — you know the one! When Margaret and Grandma Annie burst out in song together, nothing could stop them!

Lake Placid – Starz

White wasn’t all romance and comedy — she also dipped her toes into the horror genre. In Lake Placid, a terrifying creature attacks a man. When a sheriff, fish and game officer, and paleontologist go to the scene to investigate what happened, they soon realize they’ve gotten themselves in for way more than they bargained for. They soon find out that the creature is a giant crocodile, and stranger than that even — there’s a woman who is feeding it! She’s been feeding it for years, and the croc killed her husband. The movie takes some wild twists and turns, and you won’t regret watching it.

White’s shining moment — her remark to the police officer who dared to question if she led her husband to become crocodile food.

The Lorax – Netflix

Playing Grammy Norma to Ted, the film’s main character, White, is full of advice and magic as she encourages Ted to find the Once-ler. The Once-ler is the only one who can help Ted make his dreams come true, but many obstacles are standing in the way.

The Lorax has a deeper message about doing what’s right, never giving up, and caring — even when no one else does. It’s feel-good, family-oriented, and White’s presence in the film brings it all together perfectly.

White’s shining moment — encouraging Ted to find the Once-ler and teaching him to believe.

Betty White: First Lady of Television – Netflix

This documentary highlights the life of Betty White and her incredible career. White indeed became the First Lady of Television, and that’s a spot she’ll always hold. From game shows to sitcoms and made-for-TV films, White did it all. This look at her talent and charm highlights her talent, her humor, and of course — her kindness. White is spoken of so highly by those who knew and loved her, and the chance to honor a career as lengthy and exciting as hers was a joy for all involved.

White’s shining moment — the entire thing!

You Again – Disney Plus

The idea of running into someone you hoped never to meet again can be terrifying; it happening as your world falls apart is even worse. That’s the film’s premise, You Again, and it’s one of our absolute favorites. When a young woman named Marni finds out that her brother is marrying Joanna, the girl who made her high school years a complete disaster, she’s mortified. Piece by piece, her entire family, begins to see those skeletons they would have rather stayed in the closet.

White plays Grandma Bunny in You Again, and she’s falling for Joanna’s great charm. Not only is Joanna marrying her brother, but she’s also stealing Bunny, too! Grandma Bunny isn’t above the curse, either; she also runs into her oldest frenemy. There are a lot of laughs to be had in this movie, and you’ll absolutely adore Grandma Bunny.

White’s shining moment — her chat with Helen towards the end and the jab she sticks her with.

Toy Story 4 – Disney Plus

Toy Story 4 was the most heart-wrenching of the Toy Story films, and also full of great humor. The movie sees the greatest adventure our favorite toys have gone on yet, and Betty White has a role in it! White plays Bitey White — yes, and how wonderful is the character’s name — a teething tiger! Her cameo in this film was short but so sweet, and a beloved role for White. In fact, what she said about the role is our favorite part of Toy Story 4!

White’s shining moment — White getting to play a role she loved so much. “It was wonderful the way they incorporated our names into the characters. And I’m a sucker for animals, so the tiger was just perfect.” – White to USA Today.

The Lost Valentine – Amazon Prime Video

Betty White brought us all to tears several times in this movie, and while she certainly has moments in it that’ll make you laugh, it’s wonderfully sweet. The Lost Valentine sees White as Caroline Thomas, a woman who still honors her husband, 66 years after he went missing in action, and goes to the train station where she last saw him on every Valentine’s Day. She’s the subject of a profile being done by a young journalist who finds it all a little sensational — that is until she gets to know Mrs. Thomas and sees the true love that exists and surpasses time.

White’s shining moment — the look on her face when she saw that her husband held on to her valentine. She brought her heart and soul to this role.

Annie’s Point – Amazon Prime Video

In another emotional number for White, Annie’s Point sees a grandmother and her granddaughter travel the country as she sets off to spread her husband’s ashes in an important place. Annie isn’t in the best health, and her son is very much against the trip — but her granddaughter’s zest for life is encouraging, and the two take off together.

They grow closer as the road trip continues, and they also find missing pieces in their own hearts and minds. The trip is important for the heart of the reason — spreading the ashes, but it’s also much needed for the two of them in ways they weren’t aware of at first.

White’s shining moment — the heart-to-heart with her granddaughter.

Saturday Night Live – Hulu

White’s hosting gig for SNL was something the actress turned down several times. We’re so lucky she finally took on the show. Her episode is full of hilarity, and Jay-Z actually dedicated his second song of the night to the lovely and golden White herself.

White was part of hilarious skits, and her opening monologue is one of our favorites, by far. In honor of White, SNL replayed the episode on Jan. 1st, and you can also find it on Hulu.

White’s shining moment — her opening monologue.

The Golden Girls – Hulu

The Golden Girls introduced us to White’s sweeter than sweet Rose Nylund and her three best friends. Many of us grew up watching The Golden Girls and have fond memories of the girls’ storyline and their hilarious and snarky interactions.

The Golden Girls allowed White to shine, bringing her optimism and sunny disposition to the character but also dealing with real issues and learning a lot along the way. The Golden Girls is a comfort show for many of us, and if you do a quick social media search of the show, you’ll see several responses praising White’s performance.

We love St. Olaf stories; we adore Rose’s sweet spirit, and we can’t imagine a world without her.

White’s shining moment — any wonderful St. Olaf story, and the episode where she celebrates her first special day without husband Charlie.

The Golden Palace – Hulu

The Golden Palace was a part two of sorts for The Golden Girls, but this series didn’t star Bea Arthur as Dorothy, as she’d been married and started a new life with her husband at the end of The Golden Girls series.

The three remaining girls buy a hotel in Miami, but soon find out that a lot of work needs to be done. The series chronicles their new adventures and does see the return of Bea for an arc where she comes to check on her mother. The characters are much the same in this sequel, but Rose notably grows as a person.

The series only lasted one season, but it’s a season we’re glad exists. The Golden Palace is actually coming to Hulu this month, so we’ll all be able to enjoy the treasure of White’s humor and the Golden Girls once more.

White’s shining moment — finally standing up to Dorthy and their subsequent make-up after.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show – Hulu

White played Sue Ann Nivens in The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and she was sensational. Nivens was the host of the Happy Homemaker Show and fit the mold of the perfect American housewife. There are more layers to Nivens underneath the surface, and White plays them perfectly. She’s sassy, she’s got a sexy undertone, and she’s not afraid to break the mold.

Nivens was a lovely role for White, and The Mary Tyler Moore Show is such a treasure.

White’s shining moment — it’s hard to narrow it down, but one of our favorite things about White as Nivens is how she got the role. The character was written for a Betty White, but where would they find another Betty? Mary herself suggested they just ask White, and the rest is history. 

Hot In Cleveland – Paramount Plus

Hot in Cleveland was an easy favorite for fans of White. The role of Elka seemed made for her, and she absolutely rocked it. Elka was the house’s caretaker that three newly relocated single women decided to call home. There’s some tension at first, but they grow to see each other as family, and the group of women soon find that they’ve got a lot in common.

From dating advice to friendship and so many laughs, all rolled into one — Hot in Cleveland brings a sense of Golden Girls meets the modern age to long-time fans of White.

White’s shining moment — the bender commentary. You know what we’re talking about.

Boston Legal – Amazon Prime Video

White had a recurring role as Catherine Piper in Boston Legal, and she was as feisty as she was fierce — and a little problematic. In fact, when she met one of the men she’d eventually work with, she had a special surprise for him. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, we recommend watching this show.

White’s shining moment — when she tried to help her friend Adele get away from the assisted living facility she was put in against her wishes.

From the heartwarming to the hilarious, White did it all, and we are so grateful for her contributions to the entertainment realm. In the days leading up to her birthday, we can think of no better way to honor her light than to binge the best of Betty White and make the world a little bit lighter — as she did for all of us.