Here Are The Best Halloween Movies For Kids On Disney Plus

We’re nearing the end of spooky season and it’s making our hearts sadder than ever that another autumn has come and gone. There’s something magical about the upcoming holiday season⏤the lights, the warm fuzzies, the loving feeling that hangs in the air as Christmas carols dominate the airwaves and hot cocoa suddenly becomes a nightly ritual⏤but before we start thinking about Santa, we owe it to ourselves to be present for Halloween with the kids, which can be just as special.

We all love October for the spooks, haunts, tricks, treats, and of course the incredible lineup of Halloween movies on platforms like Disney Plus. Films like Monsters Inc., Coco, Zombies, and Maleficent are absolute must-watches during spooky season, not to mention any time of year that finds you needing a little bit of an eerie refresher. 

If you’re on the hunt for a fun Halloween movie to watch with your little monsters this weekend, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 of the best Halloween movies you can all watch together right now on Disney Plus.

Muppets Haunted Mansion

The newly released Muppets Haunted Mansion has been a hit with viewers since it was added to the streaming service on Oct. 8. The film sees Gonzo and Pepe accepting a fear challenge in a particularly haunted mansion where they meet more than a few memorable characters, one of whom might actually make you scream with laughter. Fans of The Haunted Mansion will recognize the spooky setting immediately, and the tie-in between the two films is incredible.

Pepe and Gonzo must survive the night in the mansion, as their Ghost Host explains to them, but it won’t be an easy task. As they encounter spooks, haunts, and a lonely widow who aches to be married for potentially sinister reasons, they realize that while the prize at the end of the night will be sweet, what they’re missing out on back home might be even sweeter.

Zombies and Zombies 2

Years ago, in the picturesque town of Seabrook, an accident caused a population to become familiar with an unlikely type of existence. While part of the town looks like something out of The Stepford Wives, the other part holds Zombie inhabitants.

Instead of the brain-craving zombies that we’re used to, Disney’s Zombies wear Z-Bands, which gives them pulses that curve that craving in their bodies. This means that the town has become a place for the masses to collide, and the zombie students are making their way into high school along with everyone else.

What happens when they all come together? Will the other students realize that there’s nothing to be afraid of, or will the zombies be forced to leave the school because of those who refuse to make life easy? You’ll have to watch to find out, and we promise, this is a fun one!

Spooky Buddies

We love the Disney Buddies franchise, so of course we added Spooky Buddies to our watch list this October. Warwick the Warlock is out for mischief this Halloween and it’s up to the Buddies and their new pals to put a stop to him for good. There’s a legend about a Halloween Hound, and unfortunately, someone has been silly enough to summon him, creating a terrible predicament for the lovable pups.

Will they make it through the haunted mansion they encounter and come face-to-face with Warwick and the Halloween Hound? You’ll just have to watch and see, won’t you?

Hocus Pocus

Do glorious mornings make you sick? Do you have an affinity for witches, spells, and black cats? If so, then Hocus Pocus is the movie for you. Of course, this is an excellent watch for viewers of any age⏤as are all of the movies on this list⏤but it’s especially amusing to watch with your little ones.

When a virgin lights the black flame candle, the Sanderson Sisters are awoken from their slumber with one thing on their minds⏤eternal youth. Of course that puts the kids who brought them back in grave danger, but with the help of Binx the cat, Billy Butcherson, and a little magic of their own, they’ve got a fighting chance against the Sanderson Sisters.

How do Max, Dani, and Allison try to stop the witches? Will the Sanderson Sisters put a spell on the entire town? What happens when children hear the witches’ song? You probably already have the entire film memorized, but there’s no harm in a thousand more viewings of this forever classic.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

What happens when a certain Jack Skellington becomes bored with the mundane and longs for something more? The premise of The Nightmare Before Christmas, that’s what⏤and a real treat for viewers. Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, is growing a bit bored with scaring those in the “real world” on Halloween when he discovers the beauty and wonder of a place called Christmas Town. His plan of action is not just to get comfortable there⏤it’s to take it over, and he knows exactly how to make that happen.

His plan, however, doesn’t exactly work out in his favor, and Skellington must learn that Christmas isn’t about selfish desires but rather that the magic of the holiday exists far beyond that. This is the perfect to flick to watch during Halloween or Christmas, making it the ultimate end-of-year holiday treat.

Mom’s Got a Date With a Vampire

When a group of kids gets into mischief that results in their grounding on a day when they’ve got big plans, they’re thrilled to learn that their mom has a date. Since she won’t be home, the kids can roam free⏤right? In this case, not exactly. The Hansen kids are suspicious of their mom’s date, and not for the reasons you might imagine. They’re actually concerned that he might be a vampire!

This film is adorable, funny, and contains the charming message that even when we drive our families crazy, we’d never want them to be turned into an onion. Give it a watch and you’ll understand what that means.

Halloweentown series

The Halloweentown films are filled with fun characters and magic and you can’t go wrong with any of them. From the first film to the fourth, which finds Marnie at Halloweentown University, there are witches, warlocks, spells, charms, and of course enemies that must be fought and conquered.

We love the messages in these films: that the real magic comes from those around you, and having a family with a spell book isn’t a bad thing, either. Overall, the movies serve as a unique reminder that having a family who loves and supports you is the real treat. Of course the spells cast along the way are a lot of fun, too.

Maleficent / Maleficent 2

While the subject matter of the Maleficent films can be a little eerie at times, there’s a lot of love within these movies, even if some of the scenes will break your heart. Maleficent, while villainous, grows to love Aurora, and as the two movies tell their story, she is willing to sacrifice a lot for the child she once considered trivial. Of course, their path together is bumpy, and Maleficent has a thorn or two in her side, but in the end it’s true love that breaks the spell, even if it’s not the kind we’re expecting.

Knowing Maleficent’s backstory and the wondrous life she used to live before she was betrayed makes it a little easier to understand the pain she feels in the first film, as well as what she believes she’s keeping Aurora from. As the two movies go on, we see a lot of growth in Maleficent, and as the sequel wraps up, you’ll likely shed a few tears after growing so close to her character.

The Haunted Mansion

When an overworked realtor hangs by a thread⏤at least as far as his family is concerned⏤he knows that he must put them before his job, even when he can’t quite seem to get it right. Jim Evers promises his family a vacation, but he has to make one stop first before the fun can begin.

Unbeknownst to Jim and his family, it’s not going to be a quick stop, as spooks and haunts await them, threatening to keep them in a certain Haunted Mansion forever. Will the family make it out alive, or will the grim grinning ghosts make them permanent guests?


Frankenweenie is a movie that will undoubtedly make you cry and bring a lot of laughs and sweet memories back to you as you watch with your family. Victor Frankenstein loves science and doesn’t have the easiest time making friends at school, but he’s not too concerned. He has his trusty pal Sparky and the beloved dog never leaves his side.

That is, until tragedy strikes and Sparky passes on. Frankenstein is heartbroken, to say the least, at least until his science teacher gives him an idea: why not jolt his furry friend back to life? The idea goes off without a hitch and brings Sparky back. However, when other students realize that Frankenstein’s experiment worked, they want to do it, too. The only problem? Their motives aren’t quite as pure as Frankenstein’s.

What happens when the experiment falls into the wrong hands? Will there be an end to the madness, or will things take a turn for the worse? You know what to do to answer that question.

We hope you enjoy watching these Halloween movies with your kids, a friend, a family member, or the ghost living in your attic this weekend. With any luck, you’ll laugh, cry, and make some wonderful spooky season memories in the process.