Here’s When The Avengers: Infinity War Review Embargo Lifts


“Strange alchemy.”

That’s the term used by the Russo Brothers to describe the unexpected chemistry that tends to blossom between many of the leading characters that make up Avengers: Infinity War.

From Black Panther to Spider-Man, Okoye to Iron Man, Bucky Barnes to the blonde Black Widow, Joe and Anthony Russo have assembled an ensemble cast for the ages, and with little over a month to go until Infinity War‘s long-anticipated debut, excitement is now at an all-time high. But what one thing in particular that fans have been wondering about is just when we can expect those all important first reviews to surface?

Well, unfortunately, it seems not for a while. That’s because the embargo won’t be lifting until April 24th at 3pm, while the social embargo is up at April 23rd at 10:30pm. So, it’s clear that Disney’s playing this one smart then, making sure that as few spoilers as possible get out ahead of time and that all of the film’s many surprises are kept under wraps until release – which is April 27th.

And though some fans may be upset that they need to wait so long to see what the critics have to say, it’s not like we have any doubt that the upcoming blockbuster will be another smash hit for the studio. After all, with 10 years of superhero legacy at its disposal and more characters than you could shake an Infinity Gauntlet at, it’s fair to say that, on paper, Infinity War has all the makings of a special, once-in-a-generation kind of movie.

Between them, directors Joe and Anthony Russo – not to mention their screenwriters and frequent collaborators Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus – have executed an unprecedented juggling act with some of the biggest names in comic book history. And don’t get us started on Avengers 4, a film so ambiguous – so god damn mysterious – it’s yet to receive an official title…that we know of.

But make no mistake, Avengers: Infinity War heralds a defining moment for the MCU – so much so, that Marvel’s superhero franchise will never be the same again, regardless of how things unfold on April 27th.