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Here we go again: Someone thinks ‘Doctor Strange 2’ is Satanic propaganda

It's the satanic panic all over again.

Dr Strange and the Multiverse of Madness
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Conservatives thinking something is “satanic” isn’t new. A lot of super-religious folks will go up in arms whenever something popular like Pokémon, Harry Potter, or Dungeons and Dragons has captured the attention of younger generations. So it comes as no surprise that an MCU fan has called for help as their friend believes that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is Satanic propaganda.

On the r/MarvelStudio subreddit, Reddit user u/Future_Author asked other fellow MCU fans their thoughts regarding their friend’s belief that Doctor Strange 2 is Satanic propaganda.

A number of Marvel fans pointed out that OP’s friend has the same mindset as those who were part of the “Satanic Panic” in the 1980s. For those who are unaware, the “Satanic Panic” was a moral panic as adults believed that certain activities would influence their children to do satanic rituals.

A lot of MCU fans who are also Christian think that OP’s friend is overreacting and that their thoughts on the film are “really stupid”. One also pointed out that film is the opposite of Satanic propaganda as it tells viewers that seeking out unnatural power and making demonic deals is bad.

But overall, a lot of Redditors who saw the post told OP to start seeking new friends as they don’t need that negativity in their life.

It seems like religious people are going up and arms against the recent Marvel projects lately. Just last week, Christians were trying to cancel the Disney Plus series Ms. Marvel because it didn’t fit with their religious views. And while everyone is entitled to their own opinion, don’t let others’ views influence you to watch or do something you enjoy just because “it’s Satanic”.

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