Here’s How Blade Can Be Brought Into The MCU


While Marvel enthusiasts across the internet are speculating on the best ways of bringing the X-Men and Fantastic Four into the MCU in the wake of the Fox-Disney merger, there’s another famed superhero who’s been in the Marvel Studios toy box for years that some fans have long fantasized about entering the fray once more. The man in question is Eric Brooks, a.k.a. Blade.

While the vampire hunter hasn’t had a big screen outing since 2004’s less-than-beloved Blade: Trinity, actor Wesley Snipes has recently confirmed that he’s been in talks with Marvel about two potential projects for the cinematic universe. In response, CinemaBlend have provided a few ideas of what form these works could take.

Their first and perhaps more obvious idea is a straight sequel, which could do much redeem the series after the last film ended things on a low note. Nonetheless, setting Blade 4 in the MCU would also mean bringing Blade 1-3 into this same world, and viewers will likely have some questions on how the Marvel franchise could have run for ten years without the existence of vampires and their various action-packed sagas getting so much as a brief mention.

There’s also the issue that the bloody spectacles of the Blade series may not fit tonally with the rest of the MCU. A potential loophole to this problem is Netflix, whose Marvel shows tend be a little less prudish with their violence. But if it is indeed a film that we’re getting then maybe a reboot would be best, with the Blade role potentially going to a younger actor while Snipes serves as executive producer, consultant, or an older Blade who passes the torch on. And if it’s the latter that plays out, then who better to inherit the Blade title than Eric’s teenage daughter (and recent source of speculation) Fallon Grey?

Suffice to say, this could all go in a few different directions right now, but so long as we’re in the habit of resurrecting vampire-slayer properties, surely we can find some way of bringing Blade into this ever-expanding universe.

Source: CinemaBlend