You Can Buy A Full-Sized R2-D2 At Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge For A Crazy Amount


For only a pretty penny, you and your loved ones can go home with a full-sized and fully automative R2-D2! Available for purchase once the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attraction opens at your local Disney theme park, this metallic pal’s perfect for any Star Wars fan!

Okay, now that the advertisement is over…

The Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge section – coming to Disneyland next Friday, and Walt Disney World in late August – will be one of the best, and more than likely, only ways to personally experience that galaxy far, far away. And given the price tags on some of these items, it looks like Disney’s banking on that exclusive experience.

In the Droid Depot shop, you can build a custom remote-controlled droid for $99 – not a bad price at all. But what fans will droll over will reportedly be sitting in the corner: a full-sized, remote control replica of R2-D2. Though Lucasfilm has made officially-licensed likenesses in the past, this is the first, as we can recall, that moves, acts, beeps, and lights up just like the ones in the movies.

I may’ve been lying when I said this would “only” cost a pretty penny. In reality, this droid will cost you $25,000 (without shipping).

That’s a pretty ridiculous sum for a toy, though we’re sure somebody out there will go and buy it. But if that’s a little much for you, as it’ll surely be for most people, there’s plenty of other authentic Star Wars gear that may fit your budget. Apparently, you can purchase a reproduction of Kylo Ren’s mask for $750 in the First Order store. And over at the Resistance base, Disney’s offering replicas of Poe Dameron’s helmet for $650. Not cheap by any means, but hey, it isn’t $25,000.