Here’s How To Watch Halloween Kills At Home


With Halloween Kills now in theaters today, some may be more fearful of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic than they are about the cinematic boogeyman that the film centers around. Luckily, executive producer Jason Blum reportedly learned his lesson with the stunted theatrical rollout of last year’s would-be hit Freaky, so he approached the streaming service Peacock to have a simultaneous release on that platform as well.

So if Michael Myers fans understandably want to avoid the crowds due to being part of or connected to a medically vulnerable person as the world continues to battle the pandemic, you do have the option of watching it at home. Or perhaps you’re just an introvert who likes cozying up to a horror film with some microwave popcorn and a blanket on your couch. But just how does one go about firing up Peacock to watch the movie?

Luckily, we can break it down for you right here.

The film is a direct sequel to 2018’s Halloween, which itself is an immediate follow-up story-wise to the 1978 original of the same name. Returning protagonist Laurie Strode returns in both films, with the second installment seeing Myers apparently surviving the house fire that would have otherwise seen his end. In Halloween Kills, the town of Haddonfield is uniting to end the killer known as The Shape’s spree. It is the second installment in director and co-writer David Gordon Green’s planned trilogy, the third of which will come out next year.

To watch the film, you’ll need to sign up for either of Peacock’s paid subscriptions—it’s not available on the free version of the service. Watch the film with Premium at a monthly rate of $4.99 in which you must endure ads or go ad-free with Premium Plus for $9.99 per month.

In terms of where you can watch it, it’s available on your PC of course, but also as an app on many smart TVs, mobile, tablets and game consoles.

Are you excited to see Michael Myers in Halloween Kills?