Here’s how to watch ‘The Black Phone’ at home — is it free to stream?

the black phone

The Black Phone is one of the year’s most highly anticipated horror films. The movie has excited both longtime horror fans and those new to the genre. And many film fans are eagerly waiting to see the highly-reviewed movie. However, many viewers are waiting for The Black Phone to land on streaming. But how do you stream The Black Phone, and how much does it cost? 

What Is The Black Phone About?

Set in 1978, The Black Phone follows Finney, a young boy who is kidnapped by notorious child abductor “The Grabber.” Finney is placed in a soundproof basement. And it looks like escape is impossible. However, an old rotary phone mounted on the wall that The Grabber insisted didn’t work starts to ring. Finney soon learns that the ghosts of The Grabber’s old victims are calling the phone, and they’re desperate to save Finney from their fate, setting off a tense game of cat and mouse as Finney tries to escape with his life intact. 

How Do I Watch The Black Phone At Home? 

The Black Phone landed in American theaters on June 24, 2022. While the film was exclusive to movie theaters for a while, it is now available to buy or rent digitally, under a month after it hit screens.

Those who want to watch The Black Phone at home can buy or rent the film from several VOD platforms, including Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, or YouTube. This includes a super high definition 4K UHD version for those who want the best experience possible. The prices vary from platform to platform. But expect to pay around $20 to rent the movie and $25-$30 to own a digital version of the film. 

Is The Black Phone Available For Streaming? 

Currently, The Black Phone is not available on streaming platforms. The only way to watch the movie at home is to digitally rent or buy the film from one of the previously mentioned platforms. 

The Black Phone is believed to be exclusive to VOD and theaters for 45 days like other similar Universal movies. This means that the film will arrive on streaming platforms sometime in August, however, no official date has been made public at this time. It is known that the movie will be exclusive to Peacock, as the movie was mentioned in a Peacock press release earlier this year. However, as with previous major movie launches on Peacock, the film will only be available to users with a Peacock Premium subscription, which starts at $4.99 a month.