Here’s How Jon Hamm Could Look As The DCEU’s Next Batman


Is former Mad Men star Jon Hamm set to become the next Batman?

It’s not entirely out of the question, but according to the actor, he’s “never had a conversation with anybody about it.” Still, there’s recently been a groundswell of support backing him to don the cape and cowl as Gotham’s new Dark Knight – even Josh Gad was banging the drum in Hamm’s favor not too long ago.

Of course, there’s been nothing official on the matter just yet, but we know that Warner Bros. and Matt Reeves have continued casting the net in search of their new Batman, especially now that Ben Affleck’s officially departed the role. Perhaps Jon Hamm will be the one to swoop in and fill the Bat-shaped hole, then? Time will tell, but as we wait to learn more, we’ve now got some pretty awesome fan art (seen in the gallery below) which gives us an idea of how the actor would look as the Caped Crusader.

Pretty cool, eh? As awesome as Hamm would be in the part, reports have told us that Reeves is looking to cast a much younger Batman in the film. Things can always change, of course, but at the end of the day, the director has to go with his personal vision. That being said, it’d certainly be a shame if “Bat-Hamm” never gets the chance to become a real thing.

Then again, given Warner Bros.’ recent inclinations to greenlight projects like Todd Phillips’ Joker, perhaps we could see Hamm as a non-DCEU Batman at some point in the future? It’d definitely be an interesting prospect, but for now, we’ll just have to sit tight as WB and Reeves continue looking for a suitable replacement for Ben Affleck.

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