Here’s What Suicide Squad’s Scott Eastwood Could Look Like As Wolverine


Well, that didn’t take long. Then again, it usually doesn’t when it comes to Boss Logic. Yes, the renowned fan artist has struck again, this time imagining what Suicide Squad‘s Scott Eastwood might look like should he one day nab the role of Wolverine. But let’s rewind for a second before we get any further.

In case you haven’t been keeping up, sat down with the actor yesterday at NYCC while he was there promoting Pacific Rim: Uprising. When the outlet asked him which superhero he’d love to play if given the chance, he replied with the following: “Weapon X. I mean, Logan! You gotta give it to Wolverine! Wolverine, all day.” Given that many fans have put Eastwood on their wish list for who could bring the character to life next, it was nice to hear that the actor’s into the idea, too.

Now, Boss Logic has come up with a design showing us how Eastwood could look as the mutant leader, both with and without the helmet, and as always, he’s produced another stellar piece of work here.

Despite the fact that the actor certainly looks the part, it’s going to be very tough recasting Hugh Jackman. After all, no matter how crummy some of the X-Men films got over 17 years (and there were some really, really awful ones, thanks to Gavin Hood and Brett Ratner), he never let us down. Not once. He brought his all with him on every occasion and made sure that Logan remained the best part of the average films.

So, with that in mind, it’s extremely difficult to think of someone else taking this role. Replacing Jackman just wouldn’t feel right, no matter who 20th Century Fox brings in to play the character. When they say time heals all wounds, we wonder if it’ll heal the heartache of knowing that Hugh isn’t the Ol’ Canucklehead anymore. Right now, we don’t think we’ll ever get over it.

Still, it’s going to happen one day and whether it’s Scott Eastwood or another actor, fans will just have to get used to seeing someone else as Wolverine.