Here’s What Black Suit Superman May Look Like In Justice League


Much commotion has been made in recent weeks over Superman’s role in Justice League. Though he met his maker at the end of Batman V Superman, we already know that he’ll be resurrected in time to help his fellow heroes take down Steppenwolf, but how he’ll look once he makes his return has inspired a lot of debate lately. And that’s because rumors continue to fly at a furious rate, all pointing to the Man of Steel donning his famous black suit.

While there’s been no confirmation on this just yet, leaks and promo material would certainly suggest that it’s going to happen and now, one talented fan has taken it upon themselves to mock up what Superman could possibly look like in the film should he get a wardrobe change, and it’s pretty awesome. He’s given the hero his long hair and a beard, along with those terrifying red eyes and, of course, the much discussed costume, making for a striking appearance that we’d love to see on the big screen.

There’s no saying whether or not this is the direction they’ll head in with the character (if he does indeed don his black suit in Justice League, that is), but it could certainly work. Check it out along with some previously released art in the gallery down below, and see if you don’t agree with us.

At this point, it’s all but confirmed that Superman will appear in his alternate costume once he’s resurrected, and if that is indeed the case, then it means we should expect a much more grim and dark version of the hero. Could he possibly end up fighting against some of his fellow League members, before eventually joining them to help stop Steppenwolf? Perhaps, but don’t expect to learn anything further until the film arrives, as Warner Bros. has been keeping the Man of Steel out of most of the marketing material thus far.

Justice League zooms into theaters on November 17th. Further down the pipeline, the studio has also reserved space on its slate for AquamanWonder Woman 2 and Shazam, the latter of which is eyeing a production start in early 2018. Word is that an April 2019 release is on the cards, but one way or another, there’s no place for Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam.

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