14 Great New Movies Will Be Available To Stream This Month


Since visiting the cinema is no longer an option, more and more distributors are debuting big releases on streaming services, rather than hold out for the uncertain time when people can once again revel in the beauty of the big screen. And so, on that note, here are 14 great new titles that will become available to stream throughout June.

  • Becky sees a group of escaped convicts menace a family at a remote lake house, and are brutally and mercilessly battled by the resourceful eponymous teenager.
  • The Last Days of American Crime is a heist movie set in the near future on the eve of the broadcasting of a signal across the US that makes conscious criminal acts impossible, where an assortment of reprobates plan a huge score with the intention of going down in history as the perpetrators of the country’s last ever crime.
  • Shirley centers on celebrated novelist Shirley Jackson (The Haunting of Hill House) and her liberal arts professor husband, who open their home to a young couple and quickly draw in the new pair with their unconventional lifestyle choices.
  • Da 5 Bloods follows a quartet of African American Vietnam veterans who return to the invaded country to search for the body of their squad leader and buried treasure, while also confronting the war’s immorality and their own unresolved trauma at being involved in it.
  • The King of Staten Island is a semi-autobiographical story about and starring actor/comedian Pete Davidson, who’s become directionless as a result of the death of his firefighter father when he was younger, and must deal with his lingering grief if he wants to get anywhere in life.


  • Artemis Fowl is a fantasy about a 12-year-old criminal mastermind who discovers the subterranean world of the fairies and searches for his missing father within the secrets of the hidden realm. It’s nothing like the books, and upon the movie’s release you’ll not be allowed to forget it.
  • The Short History of the Long Road is a drama about a teenage girl who grew up a traveler living out of a van with her father, and after a tragedy explores what the world has to offer her other than being a perpetual outsider.
  • A Whisker Away is an anime about a schoolgirl who transforms herself into a cat to get close to the boy on whom she has an unrequited crush, only for the boundaries of human and animal to become blurred.
  • 7500 is a tense thriller set entirely within an airplane cockpit, the craft having been hijacked in mid-air by a band of terrorists, and the pilot doing all he can to keep people safe, both in the plane and on the ground.
  • Wasp Network takes place in the dying days of the Cold War, where an assortment of Cuban defectors attempt to infiltrate anti-Castro organizations responsible for terror attacks.
  • Nobody Knows I’m Here follows a recluse living in a remote cabin in Chile, whose past as the voice of a mythical pop star is revealed when his singing is recorded and goes viral, forcing him to deal with why he chose to hide from the world.

Artemis Fowl

  • Irresistible is a political comedy where a Democrat strategist runs a retired veteran’s run for the mayor of a right-wing Wisconsin town after seeing him stand up for undocumented workers, hoping to win back the Heartland and defeat his nemesis on the opposite side.
  • Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga is a comedy where a pair of Icelandic musicians are given the opportunity to represent their small island nation in the real-life and utterly demented titular competition.
  • Force of Nature is a hybrid of heist movie and survival thriller where two cops team up with an aging madman and his daughter to stop a band of thieves stealing millions of dollars from an evacuated building during a hurricane.

So, that’s what’s coming down the pipeline. At least, as far as major releases go. But tell us, do any of these interest you? As always, let us know down below.