Hermione’s body double dishes up ‘Harry Potter’ secrets

As Harry Potter fans celebrate 20 years of the film series they love, it makes sense that just about everyone involved has been coming out of the woodwork lately to talk a bit about the movies. While most Potterheads are familiar with Emma Watson, few would recognize another acting talent that was just as crucial to the role of Hermione: Flick Miles.

Miles was Watson’s body double for three films in the series and wanted to let everyone know what life was really like behind-the-scenes while filming the Potter movies. She recently hosted an AmA⏤an Ask me Anything⏤on Reddit and gave out pieces of new Harry Potter trivia like Halloween candy.

Emma Watson and Flick Miles via Twitter

Ever wonder how Tom Felton getting punched in the face went down in Prisoner of Azkaban? We finally know the full story.

It seems that there were some scenes that actually used Miles over Watson that would have truly shocked fans, and vice-versa.

“When Hermione is turned into a cat after pulling a cat hair off Millicent Bullstrode’s robes – that was actually me! Emma had an allergic reaction to the glue used for the make up, so I stepped in, she said. “When Nick Dudman’s team made a model of Hermione for when she is petrified by the Basilisk they actually took a cast of my body. Also a lot of the chess scene was me! Which was soooo much fun to film with all the explosions and moving parts.”

Miles also shared a heartwarming story about the late Alan Rickman, who played Snape in the films.

She also shared that she had amazing experiences with “the big three” on set. Unsurprisingly, she and Watson were particularly close. “Emma was lovely, she was so much fun to be around and we really used to laugh when together. I was only working with her up until I was 14 and she didn’t change, she was always warm and kind to me.”

While Flick Miles no longer does body double work, she does host a podcast called Behind the Wand where she interviews many of the people involved with the series and reveals even more pieces of Harry Potter lore.