Does This Hi-Res Justice League Trailer Really Make It Look That Much Better?

Like everything that comes out of the DC Extended Universe, the recent Justice League trailer split opinions. Despite enjoying Man of Steel, I was enormously let down by the plodding self-importance of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and found myself desperately hoping that its sequel would turn the ship around. Sadly, the trailer seemed to confirm my worries, looking exactly like what I’d feared: a clumsily over-stuffed, slightly garish and vacuous looking film in which quip-spouting superheroes punch anonymous CGI baddies (set to one of the worst Beatles’ covers I’ve ever heard).

But wait! Snyder has now released what’s being billed as ‘his’ version of the trailer on Vimeo. Those defending the film are adamant that this version of the preview will convert us naysayers into true believers. Well, I’ve watched it a few times now and honestly, my opinion hasn’t altered – though I don’t think many people were overly critical of the color balance and sharpness of the image in the first place.

I’ll grant that you can see a teeny-weeny bit more detail in the shadows on this version, but quite frankly, in a blind comparison, I don’t think I’d be able to tell the difference between them. So, for now, I’m decidedly pessimistic about Justice LeagueIt’s not a nice feeling – I was always a DC kid growing up and I was a huge fan of Bruce Timm’s Justice League: Unlimited. But unless Snyder and Warner Bros, release something that really stands out from the crowd, I’ll probably be giving this a miss.

What do you think, though? Has the upgrade in image quality really turned the trailer around? Let us know in the usual place.