Hi-Res Screenshots Show Off The New Avengers: Endgame TV Spot

Iron Man Infinity War

While it’s been awfully quiet these last few weeks as far as Avengers: Endgame reveals go, Marvel Studios is still being pretty stingy with actual footage from the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War sequel. A mere 30-second TV spot was all we ended up getting tonight during the Super Bowl and exciting as it was, it wasn’t terribly revealing.

Yes, as you surely know by now, the latest piece of promotional material for the film didn’t give a whole lot away about Marvel’s Phase 3 finale, but it’s clear that the fans still liked what they saw, with the general feeling over on Twitter being that it was a tantalizing and exciting look at what’s undoubtedly 2019’s biggest movie.

And even at 30 seconds in length, there were still a few interesting things which require closer inspection. Thankfully, then, we can now dive in a little deeper with the screenshots in the gallery below, which highlight all of the TV spot’s most talked about moments.

If it’s concrete plot details you’re after, then the latest promo for Endgame probably left you wanting, but this carefully crafted teaser was still another welcome piece of marketing material from the studio and has us more than eager for the next full-length trailer.

When that’ll arrive, we don’t know, but with April quickly approaching, it can’t be too much longer now, right? Then again, we wouldn’t put it past Marvel at this point to not even give us another trailer. They’ve already made clear that the promotional campaign for the film will be much different than what we’ve seen from them in the past and they may just decide not to show us anything else.

That’d certainly be a shame, but at least there’s not too much longer to wait for the full thing, as Joe and Anthony Russo’s Avengers: Endgame will land in theaters and no doubt make history when it does so on April 26th.

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