Hilarious Fan Poster Gives Justice League A Wonder Woman 1984 Twist


Wonder Woman 1984 will pretty much do what it says on the tin and jump several decades on from 2017’s Wonder Woman to follow Diana of Themyscira’s adventures in the 1980s, further revealing what she got up to in the years preceding Batman V Superman and Justice League. Due to the time period, we’re not expecting other DC heroes to pop up for cameos – but what if they did? How would they look redesigned for the 80s?

Recently, prolific fan artist Boss Logic created some fun mock character posters for WW84 starring Aquaman, Cyborg, Batman, Superman and the Flash as they would be in the 80s – complete with a dubious fashion sense and references to the pop culture of the time. Now, he’s decided to gather together the whole lot of Diana’s teammates and has compiled the various 80s-themed heroes into one awesome Justice League 1984 poster.

Channeling a Grand Theft Auto vibe, the artwork features the 80s-ized Barry Allen, Vic Stone and Arthur Curry alongside the rest of the hilariously redesigned crew. Wondy herself is decked out in cool shades, a young Bruce Wayne has questionable sideburns and Superman not only has a mustache but also a mullet. Last but not least, Steve Trevor has really gone native with his outfit and bling.

As said above, it’s extremely unlikely that the Justice League will reunite in the sequel due to the jump into the past. However, there is a vague possibility that one of the team members could show their face. Chris Pine is back as Diana’s lost love Steve Trevor, apparently somehow resurrected after his death in World War I. And given that a common theory as to his survival is that time travel’s involved, maybe the Flash has a role in Wonder Woman 1984 after all?