Hilariously Bizarre Captain America: Civil War Promo Has The Avengers Singing


A couple of years back, the “Honest Trailer” for Guardians of the Galaxy poked fun at the fact that Marvel Studios are so successful that they can now do whatever they please in their movies, hence why they’re able to say: “F*ck you, we’re Marvel Studios!” Well, proving that point is the Captain America: Civil War TV spot above which pretty much confirms that the studio can promote their releases however they damn well please.

Featuring Chris Evans reciting a powerful speech about what makes Captain America: Civil War‘s titular hero so great, he’s joined by Robert Downey Jr., Chadwick Boseman, Anthony Mackie, Elizabeth Olsen, and a lurking Sebastian Stan (he was on the side of the Russians as The Winter Soldier remember) as they sing “The Hymn Of The Republic.”


This promo is somewhat reminiscent of the “Ants!” one which was released last summer for Ant-Man featuring Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas essentially just shouting at each other, and among all of the revealing TV spots and trailers, it’s surprisingly refreshing to see a piece of marketing as unusual and fun as this, especially as these actors all share so much chemistry.

Captain America: Civil War finally opens in the US tonight, and you can check out our glowing review right here.

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