Hit Slasher Horror It Follows To Get A Sequel


Remember when ambiguous endings in film were left as just that, ambiguous endings? Us neither. Nevertheless, having garnered excellent word of mouth and a box office haul that defied expectations, there is already sequel chatter for hit horror film It Follows.

At least, that’s according to Tom Quinn, co-president of Radius-TWC – the distributors behind the cult slasher. Speaking in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Quinn revealed the following tidbit, revealing that talks are already underway so as to strike when the iron is still hot.

“I don’t want to give away too much, but we’ve thought about it,” Quinn says, while director David Robert Mitchell added that he is “certainly open” to the opportunity of getting behind the camera once more.

For the uninitiated, It Follows is a subverted take on the slasher sub-genre, centering around Jay, a college student who succumbs to an abnormal curse following a strange sexual encounter with her partner, Hugh. It isn’t long before she learns of the curse’s horrific aura, though, which causes the carrier to be haunted by vengeful supernatural entities. The sticker here is that the only way to get rid of said enchantment is sexual intercourse, and round and round the loop we go.

Given the teased ending, it seems likely that Mitchell and Co. had at least mapped out some potential avenues to explore in the follow-up, particularly Jay and her new partner Paul. As a matter of fact, Quinn hinted in the interview with EW that one approach could flip the concept on its head, opting for Follow It in lieu of the original premise, which could be an interesting set-up for a horror sequel needing to deliver something as new and fresh as its predecessor.

It Follows is still in select theaters having release little over a month ago. Our own horror expert Matt Donato enjoyed the original film, stating the following in his review:

Mitchell’s idea might be the definition of “slow burn”, but besides a few insignificant pacing issues, It Follows is a horrific work of art with a fresh, rewarding concept.