Hit-Girl Comes To Fight In Kick-Ass 2: Balls To The Wall

Poll fans of Matthew Vaughn’s cult hit Kick-Ass on which character it was that made the movie for them and it would come as no surprise that Hit-Girl woul come out on top. Whatever your opinion on the character is, she certainly got people talking.

Chloe Moretz striking that perfect balance between innocent and deadly, not unlike a vulgar version of The Powder Puff Girls (a show many guys won’t admit to having watched when it was around), made for an absolutely awesome character.

Thus, it goes without saying that the upcoming sequel, Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall, will be more of the same with Hit-Girl being the big attention-getter, especially with Moretz now a known and proven commodity in the business.

What people want to see, as the movie begins filming, are glimpses of the infamous Hit-Girl doing her thing. Well, look no further.

Below are pictures from the set which include multiple pics of Moretz in full Hit-Girl regalia and some shots of her stunt double too. With the movie due out June 28th of next year, it’ll likely be a while before the first footage of Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall makes it out and filmgoers get to see Hit-Girl in action.

So, for now, we’ll just have to settle for still photographs, which can be seen below.