Hitler Does Not Stand A Chance In Michael Bay’s Sabotage


There are many things that I think of when I think of Michael Bay, and most of them are not complimentary. Admittedly, the director has made a few enjoyable films, and while most of them are tailored to his peculiar blend of melodrama and big explosions, he’s very good at what he does. If you like sentimentality and lots of flash, you cannot go wrong with a Bay film.

On that note, today we’re hearing that Michael Bay has signed on to produce, develop and possibly direct a movie titled Sabotage. It will based on a book proposal by Neil Bascombe and will follow the true story of a group of Norwegians who go on a suicide mission to stop Hitler and his plans for a nuclear bomb.

The Norwegians launch an assault on Vermork, a Nazi industrial fortress in the mountains of Norway where Hitler is said to be developing his bomb. Armed with tommy guns and bombs, the Norwegians are the only things standing between Hitler and possible nuclear capability. It sounds like an exciting and very cinematic story; the question is whether or not Michael Bay will be able to do justice to the idea.

The problem that I have with this idea is that I can actually see Bay making the movie, and what it could turn out as. It’s a story that demands both an action sensibility and perhaps an historical sensitivity. Bay can do the action, but I’m not so certain about the sensitivity.

What do you think? Can Michael Bay pull off a ‘stop Hitler from going nuclear’ movie? Let us know in the comments below.