Hollywood Maps Out Early Plans For Live-Action Monster Hunter Movie


Monster Hunter Stories, an upcoming RPG spinoff in the works at Capcom, proved to be one of the publisher’s big showcases at this year’s Tokyo Game Show 2016, heralding a jaw-dropping new trailer for the 3DS title along with confirmation of an early October release date – in Japan, at least.

However, during the presentation, Capcom and Monster Hunter producer Ryozo Tsujimoto also announced – rather unceremoniously, if we do say so ourselves – that there’s “a Hollywood movie adaptation of the main series in progress.” Firm details remain few and far between at this early stage, though the fact that Tsujimoto-san revealed that the wheels are in motion indicates that the live-action feature film could be further along than initially thought.

A media franchise with a tremendous following in Japan, Monster Hunter does lend itself to the big screen treatment, and it’s worth noting that Hollywood studios have lined up adaptations of cult fantasy properties in the vein of Ghost in the Shell, Adam Wingard’s Death Note and even the long-in-development Alita: Battle Angel movie. Could Capcom’s long-running RPG series also be in the cards?

If those plans come to fruition, and Capcom’s conjures Monster Hunter before the cameras, Tsujimoto-san cautioned that the film “isn’t related to Stories.” That could potentially signal some form of origin story or standalone movie designed to appeal to an international audience. Besides, with big weapons and even bigger creatures to slay, Monster Hunter does – on paper, at least – boast all the qualities of a tentpole creature feature in the vein of, say, Pacific Rim. It’s early days, though, and until we learn more, consider that to be hopeful speculation.

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