Hop Trailer #3

Thus far, I haven’t been too impressed from what we’ve seen from Hop. I like Russell Brand, a lot, but the film itself doesn’t look too good. And unfortunately, this third trailer doesn’t change how I feel. James Marsden and Russell Brand star in this live-action/animated film that revolves around a rabbit, and not just any rabbit. This particular rabbit is the Easter bunny. The plot tells the story of James Marsden’s character, Fred, who accidentally hits the Easter bunny while driving. The Easter bunny fakes an injury and Fred takes him home. As the two struggle to live together, Fred has to learn how to get along with his new housemate quickly as it’s up to him to save Easter. Tim Hill (Alvin and the Chipmunks) will direct the film and it will hit theatres on April 1st. Check out the third trailer for Hop below.