Why They Changed Hope’s Suit For Ant-Man And The Wasp


Fans were excited by the post-credits scene of Ant-Man as it revealed that Hope Van Dyne would finally be suiting up as the Wasp in the upcoming sequel. When the first images from production on Ant-Man and the Wasp arrived online, though, many were disappointed that the costume had been redesigned for the movie, with the colors of the outfit glimpsed in Ant-Man being toned down and washed out.

It turns out there’s a very pragmatic reason for the changes to the Wasp’s suit, though. Screen Rant visited the Ant-Man 2 set recently and spoke to Ivo Coveney, who served as Specialty Costumes Supervisor. He revealed that the first version we saw was more a prop than a costume and not properly designed to be worn. With Evangeline Lilly needing to do a lot of action in the outfit in this film, that precipitated the need for it to be altered.

“No, what they had – the concept that we’ve worked on for this is the concept that I saw at the end of, of the first film. However, that one was just beautifully CGI’d, and as is often case we don’t have to worry about the human body. So, it is – as soon as you have to put it on the human body, you have to make it work. This is very faithful.”

For fans worrying about continuity, the real-life explanation could easily apply within the world of the movie as well. Just as the first Wasp suit was for show behind the scenes, it could have been a prototype designed by Hank Pym that still needed to be finalized. Likewise, knowing Hope’s no-nonsense attitude, she probably requested that the brighter colors be tempered somewhat to better suit her style.

Scott Lang’s Ant-Man suit has also evolved over Paul Rudd’s three appearances thus far, so those missing the colors shouldn’t be too worried, as Hope could easily get a new costume in a future film. Or, who knows, maybe the one she has now will grow on us once we get to see it in action when Ant-Man and the Wasp hits theaters on July 6th? Time will tell, but either way, we’re excited to see the titular heroes take flight.