Hopeful DC fans suggest the best roles for Pedro Pascal inside James Gunn’s DCU

Photo via HBO Max

Pedro Pascal is one of the pop culture MVPs nowadays; after capturing our hearts with his titular role in Star Wars fan favorite The Mandalorian, a role that he’ll be reprising come March 1, the actor would go on to shoulder quite a bit of weight in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, in which he starred alongside Nicolas Cage, who brought the iconic role of Nick Cage to life.

And now, with his portrayal of protagonist Joel Miller in HBO Max’s The Last of Us, he’s on the radar more than ever before, and we all know the rules. If you’re a popular, relevant actor, the Marvel and DC fandoms will quickly come running with their fancasts. And with the DCU gearing up for a revitalization, the folks on r/DC_Cinematic took the opportunity to figure out where Pascal would fit in best.

Some users suggested Deadshot, whose comic book iteration boasts a fair bit of likeness to Pascal. Others, however, chimed in with the rival fan-cast of Diego Luna, who also has Star Wars to thank for his rise in the industry after his captivating turn in Andor.

Others want Pascal in a villain role, subsequently suggesting the likes of Sinestro, Black Mask, and Vandal Savage.

But, we all know that every thread involving a question comes with a definitive answer, and this one would be pivotal in eradicating the last of the SnyderVerse fandom once and for all.

Pascal, of course, is no stranger to the world of DC, having portrayed the villain Maxwell Lord back in pre-Gunn and Safran Wonder Woman 1984. Assuming the character even did make the cut in the new DCU, we imagine that if Pascal were to become part of the new regime’s master plan, the gaffer would have much bigger plans for the Last of Us star.